Quick Facts

Thailand Versus Challenger Series will be the first world class international Muaythai event series to take place in Thailand with later rematches abroad

Association with brand name partners in the entertainment, television, media and consumer product worlds

A professional circuit for World Class Asian and International athletes

Live Television cover for many events

Visit Website: www.thailandvs.com

Thailand VS Challenger 2010 Series

Thailand VS Challenger - Grand Opening
Location: Siam Paragon , Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 16th January 2010 / 7PM-12AM
Press Conference: 14th November 2009 / 2-4 PM
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Thailand VS Challenger - Queen's Cup
Location: Sanamluang, Thailand
Date: 12th August 2010 / 7-11 PM
Press Conference: 9th August 2010 / 2-4 PM
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Thailand VS Germany
Location: Ulm / Germany
Date: 14th November 2010 / 5-10 PM
Press Conference: 11th November 2010 / 2-4 PM
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Thailand VS Middle East
Location: Dusit Thani Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Date: 25th November 2010 / 5.30-10 PM
Press Conference: 22th November 2010 / 1-3 PM
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