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About Muaythai

Thailand may be the birthplace of Muay Thai, but the sport has failed to grow beyond the grassroots level and fulfill its potential within its spiritual home. There are two main stadiums in Bangkok at Ratchadamnoen and Lumpinee, and the target audience is primarily the low-income sector whose main interest in the sport is gambling. There also exists a dual-pricing policy, which means that ticket prices for foreigners are higher than for Thais. Foreigners are further alienated from the sport by the lack of international fighters.

The sport has traditionally been low budget, aimed at spectators with low disposable incomes. Sponsorship opportunities have never been fully developed and while some brands have supported local Muay Thai for over 20 years, no lasting or meaningful relationship has yet been developed between sponsors and promoters for international Muay Thai events. Muay Thai in Thailand currently lacks any meaningful commercialization either of the sport or of the fighters, yet the potential to build on what already exists is clearly huge.


Muay Thai Abroad

Muay Thai is a product that has been exported from the Kingdom of Thailand and thrived in its new environments. Outside of Thailand, Muay Thai is more than just a sport; it is an entertainment experience.

The fights always involve boxers from a variety of countries and international events are regularly arranged wherein countries compete against each other. The target audiences in other countries tend to be the middle and upper classes who are drawn not only by the exciting and less violent fights but also by the whole entertainment experience that surrounds a Muay Thai event in these countries.

There is no dual-pricing policy and the majority of the spectators sit at VIP tables with catering included. Sponsorship opportunities are much greater than in Thailand. Logo placements in overseas Muay Thai events are highly visible and much less expensive than at other sporting events, such as football, golf or motor racing.

Meaningful partnerships develop between sponsors and promoters as both benefit from mutual image enhancement. The sport is professionally marketed with excellent P.R., management and regular interviews of the fighters, many of whom are hugely popular and have their own fan clubs.


Upcoming Event

Honours event for Thais and Germans
On November 6th, the Thailand VS Challenger Series returned to Germany for what was the second Thailand VS Germany programme.

Press Release

BMA and WMC join forces
The World Muaythai Council under the directive of the Royal Thai Government the sole governing body

Time Schedule

Thailand VS Challenger
2011 Series

Grand Opening : July
Queens Cup : August
VS Europe : September
VS Asia : October
VS Germany : November