Thursday, February 21, 2019
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About Vision

Having used our knowledge and experience to export the noble sport of Muay Thai to other countries with great success, our vision now is to import into Thailand the whole entertainment experience that surrounds Muay Thai events abroad and to bring with it the exciting opportunities of commercialization.

Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai but the sport has failed to grow in the Kingdom through a lack of vision and direction. EB plans to boost the worldwide popularity of the sport and raise Thailand’s international sporting profile at the same time. We will increase the reach and commercial opportunities of the sport by attracting a wider spectrum of spectators.

We will target higher income earners in Thailand, starting with the expatriate communities. To do this, we will bring Muay Thai into the twenty-first century by combining the skills and raw energy of this martial art with the very best entertainment experience so that our Muay Thai events appeal to a broader demographic.

From the best and most modern venues, to the legendary entertainment, culture, hospitality and natural beauty of Thailand, EB realizes that Muay Thai and the Kingdom of Thailand have so much to offer the world. Rather than organizing events abroad, we want to bring the world into the home of Muay Thai for a truly unforgettable experience.


Up to Date

EB has already created waves in the Martial Arts world by bringing together the might of Asian Martial Arts events promotions, top international and local fighters, excellence in venue selection and professional entertainment management.

Having not only created the Fight Cards of the regions but also having delivered spectacular hosting and viewing events for the last 3 years, Mr. Toli Makris is at the forefront in Muay Thai and Martial Arts. He brings this vast experience to EB Events and is a cornerstone in the business itself.

EB will be raising the bar in Martial Arts Events and reaching out to significantly wider audiences in Thailand and elsewhere through efficient organization and promotional activities of this dynamic business that is both flexible and thorough.

By partnering with some of the strongest names in the industry, EB is capitalizing on both its own history and the deep-rooted passion of individuals such as Khun Songchai Ratanasuban and organizations like the World Muaythai Council.



The success of over 20 previous high calibre events form the foundation of the business and allow the management team to keep delivering with assurance and confidence. Exciting relationships with venues, crews and athletes as well as with promoters are being enhanced by fresh material in the form of media relationships and top brand name sponsors, who together will carry the whole vehicle to impressive new heights.

Attention to detail and the commercial relationships that are already in place for every event single EB out as a quality business.



Upcoming Event

Honours event for Thais and Germans
On November 6th, the Thailand VS Challenger Series returned to Germany for what was the second Thailand VS Germany programme.

Press Release

BMA and WMC join forces
The World Muaythai Council under the directive of the Royal Thai Government the sole governing body

Time Schedule

Thailand VS Challenger
2011 Series

Grand Opening : July
Queens Cup : August
VS Europe : September
VS Asia : October
VS Germany : November