Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Elite Boxing Germany

Elite Boxing Germany was established in 2011 to facilitate Elite Boxing’s expansion into the European market. Following a very successful Thailand VS Germany event held in the German city of Ulm in 2010, Elite Boxing decided to establish a more permanent presence in Europe by strengthening its relationship with its regional partner, Hype FC.

Hype FC, headed by Serdar Karaca, was initially chosen as a regional partner due to the high standards and professionalism of Hype FC, which had already produced more than 20 successful events. The Thailand VS Germany event in 2010 was the first co-promotion between EB and Hype FC, and based on its success and the loyalty and professionalism of Serdar and his team, EB decided to acquire Hype FC and incorporate it into the Elite Boxing brand.

In his role as Managing Director of Elite Boxing Germany, Serdar is now the official coordinator for EB in the entire European market. As well as overseeing EB’s events and activities in Europe, he also runs the Elite Boxing Fight Club gym in Germany.


Time Schedule

Thailand VS Challenger
2011 Series

Grand Opening : July
Queens Cup : August
VS Europe : September
VS Asia : October
VS Germany : November