Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Top-class martial arts events have been proven to consistently attract public interest. While ‘muaythai’ with its full-contact fighting, held under the strict rules of K 1, may once have been reltively unknown in this country, when a whole series of muaythai events regularly attracts thousands of combat sports fans from across Europe, then a Hype is born!

The HYPE FC (Fighting Championships) team has been organizing perfect martial arts experiences now with the best fighters in Europe at exclusive and unusual locations for many years. As a result, public awareness of this spectcular sport has been steadily increasing over the last few years until today more and more people are enjoying the Hype experience.

Many of the HYPE FC employees are themselves muaythai fighters who, after a hard day preparing for a martial arts event, climb into the ring to show that they can not only organize an event, but also are trained fighters with immense fighting spirit and courage.

Lastest Event:
Elite Boxing passed another major milestone last weekend when its new German-based subsidiary held its first official event at the Congress Centrum in the southern German city of Heidenheim.

The Heidenheimer Fight Night was organised by Elite Boxing Germany under the close supervision of its director, Serdar Karaca, who is already well-known in Germany for a series of martial arts events he has produced under the Hype FC brand. Read More

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Grand Opening : July
Queens Cup : August
VS Europe : September
VS Asia : October
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