Thursday, February 21, 2019
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After 5 years of close co-operation with Thailand’s premier muaythai and boxing promoter, Elite Boxing has set a new milestone and established itself as a serious player by becoming the first ever promoter, either Thai of foreigner, to co-promote events with this industry legend.

Elite Boxing’s founder, Toli Makris, who has worked very closely with Songchai on a number of projects over the last 5 years, confirmed that EB had reached an exclusive agreement to co-promote the Suek One Songchai muaythai events, which are broadcast live on NBT from 2:05pm to 4:00pm every Saturday.

“We are always trying to take muaythai forward,” explained Toli. “When Khun Songchai became the youngest muaythai promoter in 1976, he was a pioneer. He had a vision for the future of muaythai and he was the first promoter to put muaythai on TV. We want to take muaythai to the next level now, and we are delighted to carry on the excellent work of Khun Songchai.”

The arrangement not only gives EB access to the best local fighters for its Thailand vs Challenger (TVC) events, but is also a huge and unique branding opportunity for the fast-growing and forward-thinking company.

In return, EB will use its expertise and global network to handle the international marketing of Suek One Songchai, which has been televised weekly in one form or another to an audience of over 1 million fans since 1997. The show is regarded by most Thai fans as the best muaythai program on TV and currently features 6 all-Thai bouts with some of the finest local talent. However, under the new arrangement, each event will also include one international super fight under the TVC banner.


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