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MuayThai Abroad Armin Scoop
altArmin Black Dragon Swiss has adopted the Muay Boran technique made popular in the movie Ong-bak as he aims to become Thailand’s new muaythai superstar
Thailand VS Germany: Conquering Europe
The Thailand vs Challenger Series has taken another massive step towards its long-term goal of becoming the number one international muaythai series with its first ever event held in Europe. Over 2,000 fans packed into the Blautal Center in the German city of Ulm last Sunday to watch Thailand vs Germany as part of a co-promotion by Elite Boxing and local promoter Serdar Karaca’s Hype FC.

The sell out crowd were treated to a great evening of muaythai and kickboxing that saw the Thai team overcome the German challengers. However, local pride remained intact as the German fighters gave a good account of themselves against their more experienced Thai opponents.

Thai muaythai superstar Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn was taken the distance by Alex Vogel before winning on points. In the other Thailand vs Germany match up, Kaoklai Kaennorasing scored a somewhat unconventional first round win against Marco Aschenbrenner when a strong kick by Kaoklai to his opponent’s leg forced the German to fall awkwardly and break his knee.

The lively crowd were thoroughly enjoying themselves and they were on their feet when they were treated to a special guest appearance by K1 legend Remy ‘The Flying Gentleman’ Bonjasky. Remy, who was born in Surinam but grew up in Holland, has a professional fight record of 75 wins and 14 losses and won 6 major titles between 1998 and 2008, including three K1 World Grand Prix Championships.

The Dutch man was there to see one of his fighters, Danyo Ilunga, defeat fellow Dutchman Bob Van Boxmeer on points in a hard fought scrap. In the evening’s other two main fights,Vahit Arslan beat Alexander Nagaev and Leroy Kaestner from Holland scored a victory over Cagri Ermis from Turkey.

Although German fight fans are still more used to traditional boxing, muaythai and kickboxing are quickly gaining in popularity, and the packed crowd were kept entertained by the muaythai and kickboxing on offer throughout the evening. However, there was a special round of applause when German professional boxer and former WBA cruiserweight champion, Firat Arslan, was presented as another special guest.

The event was a major success and the possibility of future co-promotions between Elite Boxing and Hype FC now look a real possibility. Both of Elite Boxing’s founders, Toli Makris and Seth Fishman, were at the event along with Serdar Karaca of Hype FC.

For Makris, in particular, it was an emotional event as the Bangkok-based promoter grew up in Reutlingen, just 20 minutes away from Ulm. Speaking after the event, Makris said, “It was a great honour for me to do something like this in Germany so close to the place where I grew up, and also to have the support of my family and many friends from the area.”

Makris was also delighted that the Thailand vs Challenger Series has managed to set a new milestone by holding its first event in Europe. “We considered a few options for the first TVC event in Europe, but I am delighted we finally chose Germany. Tonight was excellent. It’s great to see how the TVC Series has expanded and I am looking forward to coming home more often,” explained Makris in an indication that more events will indeed be held in Germany in the future.

Makris’s partner, Seth Fishman, who flew in from the United States for the event, was also quick to praise the work of co-promoter Serdar Karaca. “Serdar had put on great shows before, so it was an easy decision to co-promote with him, but tonight was really a great advertisement for muaythai, for kickboxing, for TVC and especially for Serdar who made it all possible, explained Fishman.
Highlights of the Thailand vs Germany fights will be televised to roughly half a billion homes in 180 countries around the world over the coming weeks.

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