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MuayThai Abroad Armin Scoop
altArmin Black Dragon Swiss has adopted the Muay Boran technique made popular in the movie Ong-bak as he aims to become Thailand’s new muaythai superstar
MuayThai Abroad Armin Scoop
altThe famous Thai martial arts movie ‘Ong-bak’ launched the career of the now famous Tony Ja (Ja Panom Yeeram), who played the role of the main protagonist, Boon Ting.  In the movie, Boon Ting leaves his home and travels into the city in search of a Buddha’s head that has been stolen. He uses his Thai boxing skills to fight with the antagonists who get in his way.As well as launching the career of Tony Ja, the film has become a cult favourite in Thailand and generated high revenues at the box office. In the film, Tony Ja uses the ancient Thai boxing skills (Muay Boran) but he is not able to use these same skills in a real boxing fight.  However, Armin Black Dragon Swiss has now taken these precious skills and adapted them into his own fighting technique.  His muay boran skills and style have been screened throughout the world and have attracted great attention from many foreigners, who have been wowed by Armin’s ancient Thai boxing skills.

    In his younger years, Armin, who hails from Jana province in Songkhla, was touted as having a bright future in Thai boxing. With his newfound mastery of the muay boran style, it is now believed that he is finally set to become the next great muaythai star as the era of great fighters such as Buakaw Por Pramuk and Yodsanklai Fair Tex comes to an end.  

    Several scouts offered Armin a contract and he ended up signing with the Sasiprapha Gym-Sor Chaicharoen of Bang Sarn and Jae-Prapa. He began fighting in the 40 kg division. Later, Armin moved on to Kiatkumtorn of Ja-Kae Kuangrod where he was trained by the legendary Thai boxer Jormhode Kiatadisak.  At the same time, Armin also began fighting in the Ormnoi boxing stadium. He then moved on to train at ‘Muaythai Plaza 2004-Windysport.’  However, he never fulfilled his dream of becoming a champion in the Ormnoi stadium when he lost to Yordsanpol Sidsanpol in his championship fight.
    From then onwards, Armin trained with Windysport in the Suanlum Night Bazaar where he began to have some success.  He was put forward to fight in Pumpanmuang’s fight and was able to win against Sammuk Sasiprapa Gym, Plarnchai Sor Kumsingh, and Chokechuchai Sor Sanchai in Bangrajan’s fight. He also beat Apisak K.T. Gym in the Donjadee Suphanburi’s boxing festival.
It is believed that Armin would have become an internationally famous fighter if he hadn’t had to serve in the armed forces.  He served in the Royal Thai Navy at Sattahib, Chonburi. Later, he began to compete in amateur boxing fights in his hometown of Songkhla.

   Commanding Officer Taweewat Itslam spotted Armin’s skills in these amateur boxing events, and took him to Dr. Sakchai Tapsuwan, the president of the Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand.  Under the training of Chuchart Luangpol, Armin fought several times.During more than 30 amateur boxing fights, Armin encountered several styles and types of boxers from many different countries.  For Armin, it was a learning experience, and he used these experiences to adapt his technique after he left the navy forces.
    Armin was very successful at the start of 2011.  After losing in the World Amateur boxing tournament in the 71-kilogram division, he won in the Asia Championship boxing program in the same weight division and earned 300,000 baht from the government.  Armin also won the gold medal in the Fuora Games in Australia.  It was a very good period in Armin’s career as he also won a Z-1 boxing tournament and the WPMF championship in France.  After the WPMF championship Armin was briefly imprisoned for not telling his schedule to the navy before attending these fights.  He was released after 2 weeks, but he decided to quit the navy because he believed that he had been treated unfairly.

    However, his troubles did not end with his discharge from the navy. He was disqualified for the 71 kgs division, so he decided to quit the national team even though Dr. Sakchai asked him to come back and serve the nation.  Armin decided to go his own way. He developed his own unique technique based on the ‘Ong-Bak’ style of boxing he learnt from Dechon Nitiyarod, the former choreographer from Baa-ram-ewe film who also choreographed the boxing moves for Tony Ja and Jija Yanin.  Saiyok’s trainer also helped Armin work on his fitness.  Although Armin still isn’t well known in Thailand, he is extremely famous in several other countries.  He will be defending his WPMF.147 pounds title again soon, and will be fighting against Charlie Franshua in Pattaya.  Next year, he is scheduled to fight in several countries, such as Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and China as he continues to become one of Thailand’s most exciting muaythai exports.

Dim lights

Armin Black Dragon Swiss
Real name: Armin Mutlee
DOB: April 19, 1987
Place of Birth: Nathab, Jana Province, Songkhla
Parents: Mr. Mutsuid and Mrs. Wanmani Mutlee
Range of fights: 67-70 kilograms/ 174 cm
Head: Ek-ubol Por Meung Ubol
Manager: Chai Toongsong and Detcha Yamyindee
Trainer: Pid Kaisongtanaikwam
Supporter: Nut-Natsiri Wongprasertkarn, Decha Nitiyarod, ‘Sia-Lek’ SKV
Place of Training: Muaythai Plaza 2004-Windysport, Sathorn 1, Soi Sribamphen Khet, Yanawa, Bangkok
Compensation Fee: 120,000 Baht

Boxing Experiences
- WPMF 147 pound championship
- Z-1 65 kg champion
- Gold medal in Asian Championships at Iran (71 kg) (Amateur Thai Boxing)
- Gold medal in Fuora Games at Australia (71 kg) (Amateur Thai Boxing)

Statistics (Last 7 fights)
- Won by TKO against Charlie Franchua  in WPMF 147 pound fight
- Drew with Chen Yi Pei in 68 kg fight at China
- Won on points against Hong Man (China) in 72 kg fight
- Won on points against Abdul Toure (France) in 70 kg fight
- Won by TKO agaisnt Christoph Baumann (France) in 68 kg fight at Switzerland
- Won on points against Zarah Jacquevuatel (Belgium) in 75 kg fight in Switzerland
- Won on points against Marios (France) in 68 kg fight

Upcoming Event

Honours event for Thais and Germans
On November 6th, the Thailand VS Challenger Series returned to Germany for what was the second Thailand VS Germany programme.

Press Release

BMA and WMC join forces
The World Muaythai Council under the directive of the Royal Thai Government the sole governing body

Time Schedule

Thailand VS Challenger
2011 Series

Grand Opening : July
Queens Cup : August
VS Europe : September
VS Asia : October
VS Germany : November

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