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News Archive Lud Fah Muaythai with Pong Lampang
Lud Fah Muaythai with Pong Lampang
Hello to all Muaythai fans! At last it’s time for the weekly column about Muaythai updates with me, Pong Lampang.

So let’s start with some international Muaythai updates. There has certainly been a lot to tell you about, starting with the match results from last week. The Explosion Fight Night Volume 3 program in Brest, France was watched by about 2,300 spectators. According to the reporter, it was a very successful program because all the matches were very exciting. In this event, Aekpol Polchareon fought in a 4-man tournament (no elbows allowed until the final match) but he did not reach the final and lost by knock-out in the second round to the eventual champion of this program, Houcine Bennoui. Bennoui went on to the final after also defeating the French boxer, Charles Francois, by knock-out in the second round.

As for the Super Fight Championship of the World Professional Muaythai Federation (76 kg.), Yodsanklai gave up “The Bodyguard” title, allowing Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, who usually fights at 70-72 kilograms, to step in as his replacement and beat Jaochalarm Chatkanokgym before going on to meet the giant, Aiello Botonon. The two put on an exciting fight with their advanced Muaythai skills. Finally, Bonoton finished off the fight and won on points to the delight of the cheering crowd.

On the same day at Wellington, New South Wales, in Australia, the main match featured Rit (Muaythai Plaza 2004) KRS Gym who moved to Australia to make a living from boxing. He gave a very impressive performance by winning against Philip Boonchu Gym and, in his very next fight, he knocked out Australian boxer John Shipper in only the 30th second of the first round. At his next match in May, Rit will be fighting against another Australian boxer, Kirk Philleson (65 kg.), who recently defeated Anuwat Kaewsamrit even though he had already lost by a count to Saenchai Sinbi Muaythai before that.

For Rit KRS Gym or Kampan Muaythai Plaza 2004, this ex-boxer from Channel 5 has recently has become even more famous after moving abroad to become a boxing trainer as well as doing some boxing at the same time to boost his income.

Having already gained recognition as an outstanding boxer in Hong Kong after he took part in an extremely entertaining fight there against a Turkish boxer, Rit recently traveled to teach muaythai at the Angel Gym of Mr. Phillip Bannes in Wellington, New South Wales, in Australia where he earns a base salary of about 60,000 Baht (for his personal tutor course) plus extra for his boxing, which nets him a total of about 100,000 Baht per month. This salary is a lot better than what he earned from boxing in Thailand.

Moving on to Muaythai in France, there are many matches that have already been scheduled starting from 6 May onwards. First of all, Bovy Sor Udomson will be fighting against Liam Harrison (67 kg.) in Lyon, France. On May 14, Apisit KT Gym will once again be fighting against French boxer Xavier Brastad. And on the 21st, Armin Tor Pranthaksin will compete in a Welterweight title fight of the WPMF Championship against French boxer Charles Francois. And finally, one event that should not be missed, the Thai Fight Extreme 2011 in Cannes! The opening matches will be Saiyok Pumpanmuang versus Mohamed Diabi (70 kg.), Yodsanklai Fairtex versus Jose Baladas (72.5 kg.), Buakaw Por Pramuk versus Djime Coulibaly (70 kg.), and Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee versus Abdela Mabel (70 kg.). Also, Fabio Pinca, the Thai Fight Champion, will be fighting Japanese boxer Yuya Yamamoto (67 kg.). This program will be shown live on the Thai TV channel 3 from 23.00 – 1.00. For the people who like international or world boxing, you’d better not miss this program!



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