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News Archive Kuan Ou defeats Petchrung on points in Suek Assawin Dum
Kuan Ou defeats Petchrung on points in Suek Assawin Dum
Although Petchrung 96 Penang began his fight with Kuan Ou Pansomboon quite well and was leading by 2 to 1 in the early stages, he was worn down by Kuan Ou’s knee jabs  and finally lost on points in this main fight of Suek Assawin Dum at Raminthra Boxing Stadium on 14 August, 2011.

In Suek Assawin Dum at Raminthra Boxing Stadium on Sunday 14 August, the main fight of this program was between Kuan Ou Pansomboon  and Petchrung 96 Penang (124 pounds). The referee responsible for this fight was Mr. Narong Phosawat. The pre-fight rate was closed, but the first round finished with Petchrung leading by 7 to 4.

In the second round, Petchrung tried to kick Kuan Ou but he missed and lost his balance, ending up on the canvas. Undeterred, Petchrung then got up and continued to send more left kicks at Kuan Ou, who tried to retaliate but with only limited success as his own kicks were also missing the target. In contrast, Petchrung’s kicks were beginning to find their target and the second round ended with Petchrung leading by 2 to 1.

Kuan Ou decided to change his strategy in the third round and launched a series of knee jabs into his opponent which earned him a cheer from the fans. Petchrung tried to retreat and lash out with a left kick but he was being held in a strong clinch by Kuan Ou who was continuing to wear down his opponent with his knee work. Near the end of the round, Kuan Ou broke from the clinch and pushed Petchrung away before sending a non-stop barrage of kicks at Petchrung who could not avoid the attacks. The round ended with Kuan Ou now leading by 2 to 1.

In the fourth round, Kuan Ou again took the fight to Petchrung before clinching his opponent again so that he could continue his knee work. Unable to break from the clinch, Petchrung had no choice but to try and counter with his own knee jabs which only succeeded in giving Kuan Ou enough space to land a punch and knee jab. Petchrung was beginning to tire and he lost his balance and fell to the canvas. The fourth round ended with Kuan Ou holding a comfortable lead.

Any hope that Petchrung had of turning the fight around in the final round quickly disappeared as he was punched and kicked by Kuan Ou. Petchrung could not do anything but to try and absorb the attacks and was offering nothing back in return. The round finally came to an end with Kuan Ou winning on points by 49 to 47.

In other match results, Rungsak Rungroj Pansomboon used kicks and knee jabs to earn a points victory over Kritsanalek Vor Rungniran. Malai NGern Sid Kru Noch won on points against Petchkla Chor Rattanakiat. Jorm Rachan Tor Langoo won by knock-out against Hanuman Vor Wanchai in the fourth round. And Yohan Sid Kru Noch lost on points to Penlerd Mor Kemtid.



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