Thursday, February 21, 2019
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News Archive Gen. Chaiyasit Shinawatra to host great boxing event
Gen. Chaiyasit Shinawatra to host great boxing event
altColonel Kulathon Prajuabmor, vice president of the Honoring the Queen fight event, has revealed that this year there will be a “Nai Kanom Tom” muaythai tournament from March 12-24.  The matches will be held in Bangkok and Ayutthaya.  General Chaiyasit Shinawatra will be in charge of organizing the matches.  Col. Kulathon himself will be the secretary of this event.

The highlight of this particular tournament will be on March 16 when there will be an event held at Central World.  The fights will be divided into two types: youth boxers aged under 18 and the general public or amateur boxers.  There will also be approximately 50 foreign boxers who will be participating in this event.  For the main fight, Kaoklai Kannorasingh will be fighting against a boxer from Canada named Simon.
Col. Kulathon also mentioned that there will be muaythai coaching and muaythai ceremonies in order to support the correct preservation of muaythai and its culture.  It is also believed that more than 600 present or former boxers will be participating in this great event.



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