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News Archive Somrak showing ‘Muay Thai Kanom Tom’
Somrak showing ‘Muay Thai Kanom Tom’
altSomrak Kamsingh, Thailand’s former Olympic champion from 1996, will be showing off his skills once again through his “Nai Kanom Tom” role in one of the biggest muaythai events of the year.  Around 50 boxers from different countries around the world are expected to be attending this event on March 12-24.

Col. Kultorn Prajuabmor, Deputy Secretary-General of this exhibition boxing extravaganza, reveals that this event will be for amateur boxers.  The main purpose is to preserve Thai boxing and Thai culture through boxing.  It is also believed that this event will enhance the growth of tourism in Thailand.

The main organizers of this event are Gen. Chaiyasit Shinawatra, who is an advisor to the Prime Minister and the chairman of the World Muay Thai Federation, Gen. Thaweep Jantaroch, the former president of the Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand, and Somchart Charoenwatcharawit, who is President of the Amateur Athletic Association of Thailand.
Last week on February 16, a demonstration show of this event was broadcast from the area in front of Central World.  The theme of the event was “Nai Kanom Tom” and his origin.  The story told about Nai Kanom Tom’s hard life experiences in showing the younger generations about Nai Kanom Tom’s bravery.  Somrak Kamsingh, the former Olympic Games 1996 boxing champion, took the role of “Nai Kanom Tom.” Pajon Moonsun, a former bronze medalist at the Olympic Games of 1988 in Seoul, also took the part, too.    

Talking about the highlights of the event on March 16, Col. Kultorn Prajuabmor also mentioned that there will be a fight between “Kaoklai Kannorasingh” and Simon, a Canadian boxer.  It is anticipated that this will be a very competitive match.  Many neutrals are picking Simon to win the fight due to him looking to be in better physical condition than Kaoklai. 

There will also be several other fights during the event. These will be set up by Thakoon Phongsupa, a famous promoter who always seems to put on a good fight for the crowds.
 As many as 50 boxers from different countries around the world are due to take part in an event that is anticipated to draw a crowd of around 600.



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