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Interview Antuan
Antoine Pinto, aka Antuan SiangBoxing, is a French national who has lived in Thailand with his family since he was a young child. Having gone to school in Thailand,
Antoine speaks perfect Thai as well as French and English.

He has also been training as a muaythai fighter since he was a child and is a key member of the French team in the Thailand vs Challenger Series. Here Antoine tells us about his life in Thailand and his career in muaythai.

EB: What do you remember about your first ever fight?
Antoine: My first fight was in Hua Hin at the Thai Boxing Garden Stadium when I    was only 10 years old. I won the fight, but what I remember most was my first salary - 500 baht. I was overjoyed.

EB: What is the hardest part of being a professional fighter?
Antoine: It's when you are young because at the same time you train very hard for 6 hours a day and also you go to school for 8 hours a day, so you don’t have much free time.

EB: Has any opponent ever made you angry with him?
Antoine: In Thailand your opponents are very professional and you don't have problems with them. But in Europe, sometime the people say bad things to you, but I don’t get angry. It’s just another cultural experience.
EB: Who are you training with and what is your training regimen?
Antoine: I train with my brother Leo at Siangboxing Gym in South Thailand with the same trainer I’ve had since I was 10 years old. We train 6 hours a day and only have a day off on Sunday.
EB: How do you approach each fight?
Antoine: When you have good training, you don't have problems for fighting. And after 100 fights, you go in the boxing ring like going to the bakery.
EB: How do you want to be known among Muaythai fans?
Antoine: Only like a real Thai fighter.
EB: What made you start in Muaythai?
Antoine: At first, I didn’t like boxing. I thought it was stupid, but I did it to integrate into the local life and make some Thai friends. After one year of training, my level was good and a trainer chose me personally. That made me very proud.
EB: Can you talk us through your fight at Siam Paragon just recently, and tell us how you felt the fight went?
Antoine: I think I fought well against Nopparat, who is a big champion. Although I lost on points, it was a very close decision. But for me, the more important thing isn't winning. Making a good fight for the spectators is the most important thing. If the spectators and promoters are happy, then I am happy too. I think it's the real life of a professional fighter.
EB: What did you think of the Thailand VS Challenger Series?
Antoine: I think it's one of the best Thai boxing events around in the world. But it’s not just a boxing show; it’s also a real reflection of Thailand in this new century.
EB: Who do you rate at the best fighter that you have fought?
Antoine: Many fighters because in Thailand all the fighters at the high level are strong and with different boxing styles. I respect all my opponents.
EB: Who would you like to fight now?
Antoine: All the fighters in the top ten in Thailand at my weight.
EB: What fulfillment do you get from Muaythai?
Antoine: Each muaythai fight is a cultural experience and after 100 fights you can't be the same. It's like living with the ancestral martial traditions in the 21th century.
EB: What are your interests outside of Muaythai?
Antoine: I love adventure sports, like rock climbing, canyoning, diving, and trekking in the rain forest, but I also like fashion and the movie world.
EB: As you're developing your technique from training to fighting, what do you feel is your strongest weapon: punch, knee, kick or elbow?
Antoine: I use all the different techniques of muaythai. I am a "fimeu" fighter, but I like elbows; they are one of my best weapons.
EB: Can you describe for our readers what it is like to train and fight in Thailand?
Antoine: Thailand is the original country of muaythai. Only in this place can you have the best and authentic training. Fighting in the big stadiums of Bangkok is fantastic because the spectators know this sport very well this sport, they understand the rules and they respect the fighters.
EB: What drives you to be a fighter and dedicate your life towards muaythai?
Antoine: In Thailand, you can't be a good fighter alone. Many people help you along in your career: trainers, friends, family, promoters, reporters, spectators, fans...without them you don't exist. It’s very important to know that.
EB: What fight has been your career highlight so far?
Antoine: There is not only one, but I’ve had some good and hard fights against some great fighters: Bondung 13 Coins, Adunnoy sit Benjama, Abe Mishihito, Nazee Tigergym, Khangpeth, Robin van Rossmalen, Sapapet, Wuttichai, Tum Madsua… so many.
EB: What is the toughest fight you've faced?
Antoine: I think my best souvenir is with Mr. Stephan Fox in Kazakhstan where I fought for the intercontinental WMC title. I lost the title against Daren Amirbayev by a close decision, but at the end of the fight, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and all the stadium gave me a standing ovation. When you are only 15 years old, it's a big moment in your boxing life.
EB: What does your training consist of?
Antoine: I run 12 km a day and I practice muaythai techniques and do fitness training for a total of 6 hours every day: 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.
EB: Whereabouts have you fought?
Antoine: I have more than 100 professional fights both in Thailand and abroad with a record of 80% victories and 65 by KO.
EB: Do you have any past or present titles?
Finalist Contender Asia France 154 lbs
European Championship Wako pro 154 lbs
X-One Thai boxing belt 127 lbs
South Thailand Provinces belt 125 lbs
Ranked number 10 in Lumpinee Stadium 154 lbs
EB: What are your goals for the future?
Antoine: Fighting as well as I can and being an ambassador of traditional muaythai around the world.
EB: After losing to Nopparat the last time you met, do you have any plans to face him again?
Antoine: If Nopparat is OK to meet again, I want to get my revenge against him and be victorious.
EB: There are many exciting fighters in your weight division at the moment, who would you rate as the top three?
Antoine: Kem, Saiyok, Yasuthong por Pramuk....and many others.


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