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News Archive Muaythai Around the world By Pong Lampang 28.01.2011
Muaythai Around the world By Pong Lampang 28.01.2011
Hello to all boxing fans. My name is Pong and I’m happy to keep you up to date with the Thai boxing world in this “Lad Fah Muay Thai with Pong Lampang”.

The first news update is the match results from the Thai Boxing Mania 2011 program in Turin, Italy on Saturday 29, 2011 (Sunday 30, 2011 in Thailand). In this program, Giorgiorian Petrociam, who has won about 30 fights in the past 3 to 4 years, defeated his opponent, Sudsakhorn Klinmee in a fight under K1 rules. The two opponents fought hard and were equally matched. Sudsakhorn did his best, but in spite of carrying a problem with his left hand that has plagued him for a couple of years, Petrociam defeated the Thai boxer in the end. For other match results:
•    Baksakd defeated Andre Culbin from Belarus
•    Abdella Mable from France defeated Constantine Serbinoff from Russia
•    Armen Petrociam defeated Ola Miodrak from Romania (on points).

For the next Muay Thai fight in Italy, Jaosak Kaoponglek will bring his boxers from “LoukSuratam Silalai” camp to fight in Treviso on July 24, 2011.

    Even though he has not been in good form and surprisingly lost on points to Antoine Pinto, Bowie Udomsorn is scheduled to fight his longtime enemy Hiroki Shishido again on February 19, 2011 in a Shoot Boxing program. During this event, there will be a female boxer from Thailand, Zaza Ari, who is interested in joining Shoot Boxing and is going to fight in a Super Fight at the event.

    The “Thai Fight” program will be taking place at the “Cannes Film Festival” in France, starting on May 14, 2011. This event has been organized by President Nopporn Watin, who arranged the location especially for this program and he will put down 80 percent of deposit on February 10. After that he will travel to see a fight between Buakao Pramook and Juseph Bernacam on February 12 in the southern part of France. At the moment, “Big Ant” has set a monetary policy that foreign Muay Thai boxers will only be able to join the tournament as long as they follow the Thai boxing rules. All boxers are welcome (no degree required) because for this tournament, it accepts everyone who follows the Thai boxing policy.

    Talking about K-1 boxing, it seems to be an issue because of the rumors that have been passed around recently that K-1 boxing has ended. Everyone is surprised and unsure about it, including the staff. In particular, boxers who fought in the K-1 boxing Championship program in South Korea last year had been assured they would be paid by December, but as of February, there was no sign of payment, which upset and worried the boxers and their staff. Two Thai boxers, Pajonsuek and Sakadpetch, both have not received their payment and rumor has it that they will file charges against K-1 later.

    Jakeow Pakchong, the promoter for “Putorn Boxing” whose schedules have been particularly busy of late, will accompany Apisak K-T Gym (Abhisit K-T Gym’s twin) to France and fight in this program as well. Jakeow also announced that, apart from Apisak, there are 4 other strong boxers who are going to participate in this program, too.   

    According to Mr. Sasan, an Iranian who makes his living out of Thai boxing, the Thai boxing market in China is still as prominent as usual. This year in China there has been a total of 8 promotions of Thai boxing and about 40 competitions, which is considered a lot. Beside the Thai boxers who make a lot of money from the market, the Thai boxing trainers are prominent as well. The markets for Thai boxing are located in big cities such as in Beijing, Shanghai and Kwangjo. For Thai boxing markets, before there was Japan, but now the future is in China as well as the neighboring countries of Thailand, like Vietnam which has opened up to Thai boxing more. Recently, the “Korkiet Group” also introduced Thai boxers and foreign boxers to the Ho Chi Minh market in Vietnam, providing live programs in Ho Chi Minh in which the fight of Saiyok Pumpunmuang and 6 other matches are being shown only in Vietnam.

By Pong Lampang

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