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Zaza Sor Aree
I first started training with Zaza at Siangboxing about six months ago just prior to the Queen’s Cup. Our two families are long time friends.

Zaza is a spark of energy with a very infectious personality. As for her Muaythai, Zaza has a very strong and clinching style coming from the south Thailand, she is a great all round fighter and I’m happy to share some thoughts for your readers talking with Zaza.

Where did she come from to get to where she?

I grew up in the south of Thailand and moved to live north Bangkok about 10 years ago.

Where did you start training Muaythai?

I started training Muaythai in my fater’s, Sor Aree Gym with his trainer, Petnarry Sor Aree.

What would you like to accomplish by fighting Muaythai?

I have started realising my goals and with two WPMF World Championship Titles 50 and 52 kg., it was really satisfying becoming champion in Aswindam Stadium where I won the Channel 9 Title. And recently becoming a finalist at the IFMA Muaythai Championship 2009 winning a silver medal was exciting, but I feel I should have won the Gold. I would like to now win the Thailand VS Challenger against Joey “bam bam” Lee in January 2010.

How is it different being a female fighter in Thailand compared to the men?

The salary is different, number of fights and programs but easier to be a superstar in the TV or movies. I like to sing as well and would like to have a singing career.

What is your most memorable moment with Muaythai?

The title of the best fighter of the year 2008 in Aswindam Stadium channel 9 and the first world WPMF Title.

Tell us about the Gym you train at and who your trainer is?

I have three different trainers and also my father . I’m training at the Sor Aree Gym, also in Saenchai Gym and Siangboxing Gym with Petnarry, Leo and Antuan Sianboxing.

How was your IFMA Muaythai fighting experience this year?

I won the silver medal and lost by points in the final versus a lady who did not fight or move so well. I felt proud to represent Thailand and fight under our flag. 

What is coming up for Zaza in 2010?

My next fight will be against Joey “Bam Bam” Lee in January 2010 and then onto Japan to defend my WPMF Title for the third time. Also, I have the Thailand VS Challenger in Siam Paragon and I’m hoping to release a new CD with popular Thai songs about which I’m really excited.

By Antuan Siangboxing


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