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Thailand Versus Challenger Series will be the first world class international Muaythai event series to take place in Thailand with later rematches abroad

Association with brand name partners in the entertainment, television, media and consumer product worlds

A professional circuit for World Class Asian and International athletes

Live Television cover for many events

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AboutThailand VS Challenger

Thailand VS Challenger is Elite Boxing's flagship creation in its bid to take muaythai to the next level and make it a truly international sport. Although it took five years of planning and hard work, the concept of TVC is simple. It aims to rebrand muaythai for a global audience and attract a whole new generation of fans to the sport by combining the best international muaythai fights with quality entertainment at luxury venues both in Thailand and across the world.

While holding true to the cultural traditions and heritage of muaythai, TVC is dedicated to playing a leading role in making Thailand's all-action martial art a member of the global sporting family. It also fully supports the ongoing campaign to have muaythai recognised as an official Olympic sport.

Despite the growing international demand for the sport and the good work of organisations like the World Muaythai Council (WMC), no truly international muaythai brand has been established to unify the sport and bring all the best fighters together in one globally recognised event series.

This is the void that TVC aims to fill. By producing a quality product and setting the highest industry standards, TVC intends to establish itself as the number one international muaythai brand and ensure that muaythai becomes a world sport.

Supported by an organizing committee that includes some of the biggest names in muaythai, such as Honorary WMC President, General Pichitr Kullavanijaya, and WMC President, General Chetta Thanajaro, each TVC event is a muaythai extravaganza that features a Thai team taking on a different challenging nation or region under the theme of "Defending National Pride".